Introduction to Keyforge

Keyforge: Call of the Archons is a brand new card game with some very cool mechanics. Keyforge was designed by Richard Garfield (who also designed Magic: The Gathering, one of the most successful card games of all time) and produced by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). The main mechanic that makes Keyforge special is that every [...]

Target Black Friday 2018 Widely known as the best (and most chaotic!) shopping day of the entire year, Black Friday 2018 does not look to disappoint. With deals both in stores and online (Cyber Monday!) the deals are just waiting for you! Because Target is arguably one of the best stores ever I looked into their Black Friday [...]

Encyclical Prayer Stones

John Teply, the director of the Elisabeth Jones Art Center spent the day at Central Catholic on Monday November 5th.  He came to talk about Pope Francis Encyclical on Climate Change and Inequality and to highlight the Pope’s focus on the common good for the January exhibit Encyclical. So what does this all have to [...]