Diversity at Central Catholic

Jared Reed takes a look at the recent diversity and social justice events at Central Catholic High School.

Both the Diversity Assembly and the Social justice mass were very informative on the past and present history of civil rights.  Personally, I thought that these were both great ideas in educating our school about Civil Rights.  To discuss these events, I sat down to talk with David Blue on his thoughts.


At the diversity assembly, we all witnessed an unbelievable performance by Gerald Rivers and Rob McDonald.  David Blue met them both a few years ago after hearing about them from an educated source.  After researching their acts on youtube, Blue knew that “this is what the school needs”.  Also, Blue stated “To be able to have them here at this time was big.” I think that it was an exceptional performance to witness and have, especially at a time where there is so much hate throughout the world.  “Dr. King was about change and challenging people” said Blue.  We were given an opportunity to learn from Dr. King’s message through Gerald Rivers and Rob McDonald.


The Social Justice mass withheld very important lessons from Eric Knox and including music from Imago Dei church that added some excitement in the mass.  Blue, who met Eric Knox when he was 15 years old, said that Knox was a “big mentor” for him while growing up.  “It was so cool to have him share all the love that he talked about today.”  The messages that Knox shared with us helps everyone in various aspects of their lives.  A lesson that stuck out to Blue is diversity inclusion.  “It is important for all students to see themselves in the curriculum.  Such as in the assemblies, the masses, and in the classroom.  


If there was one thing that I could take away from Eric Knox’s message, it would be that he “saw himself” in the skinhead.  Personally, this conveys an important message to everyone: We are all equal.