Students and their Pets

Take a closer look at the types of pets our students have at Central Catholic High School.

What is your name?

Paula Levy


What kind of animal do you have?

I have an African Grey Parrot


What is their name?



What is the backstory to their name?

Their name was originally Jack but we found out she was a girl so we added the  ie


Describe their personality to us

Really rude and menacing. Can be hostile.


How old is she?

I think 5 years old


How old will she live to be?

90 years


How do you feel about that?

Not good.


Is Jacking naughty or nice?

Very naughty


If they were a celebrity who would they be?

Probably Rob Kardashian because she is the worst in the family.


Do people tell you that you and your pet are alike?

No, never


What is your best/worst memory of her?

My worst memory is one time Jackie was flying around and she bit the skin around my eye like my eyelid. That sucked.


Do you recommend people getting an African Grey Parrot?

No, not at all