Media Portraying Different Ethnicities

Through the media we all see messages that portray immigrants. For instance, Latinos are portrayed as having low income and are perpetrators of crime. Whereas Muslims are “known” for being terrorists. The media also says that immigrants bring diseases. In reality immigrants give their all and best to the world and they are not violent.

Immigrants do everything to help families and themselves to be safe and healthy. The media makes the world think that immigrants are bad, when in reality they are not. 

Donald Trump, our president, plans to deport all immigrants. He plans to deport those who have committed crimes and who have crossed the boarder without authorization. Regardless of the fact that 87% of those who are unauthorized have no criminal records.  Immigrants are less likely to commit serious crimes or incarcerated than native-born citizens. The crime they associate with is low violence and property crime.

On February 16th, 2017, many immigrants participated in “A Day Without Immigrants”. All immigrants, being naturalized citizens or undocumented stayed  home to boycott Trump’s policies against them. The word got out by social media and what began as a grass-roots movement quickly reached the highest levels of federal government. All fast foods restaurants and such were shut down. Even restaurants with talented chefs shut down. Many schools in Manhattan had less children in their classes.

Many immigrants are scared for what the future holds. The quality of the media’s coverage of immigration is something we should pay attention to. Immigrants should not be bashed for things they do not do. All should be treated equally with respect.