Artist of the Month: Hugh Hammons

Hugh Hammons is a senior at Central Catholic High School and a swimmer involved in Central’s own swim team, as well as Portland Aquatic Club (PAC). He was a member of the Central Catholic 200 Medley relay that took seventh in state this year. However, above all of this, he’s an artist. Hugh does, for the most part, digital illustration, although in his own words, “anything I feeling doing, I do.”

He’s been page-1-finalworking actively towards a career in graphic design since sophomore year, but he’s been into drawing since he was about six years old. He ardently makes time to practice and improve his work.

He finds he doesn’t really have any sort of artistic role models. He does, however, find inspiration in music and television on occasion. Sometimes, he’ll “try to depict how [he’s] feeling through the music” or if he’s watching a movie or television show and he’ll “try to emulate it somehow.”

Hugh prefers digital illustration to most mediums. Unless you’re trying to do “something geometric,” his opinion on painting is that it’s more difficult. It lacks a “wonderful thing called a[n] undo button.”

Hugh’s advice to aspiring artists is to “find… a type of art you’re passionate about and just work at it a lot…practice.”Swamp Sketch Final


Some of his art is on display in the front hallway, near the Dean’s office.