Immigration within Sports

Immigration has been consistently in the news as of late. An area where immigration is prominent is in sports.  Not only do immigrants bring a different aspect of the game, but they also bring over a different style and culture into the sport that they play.

What is an immigrant?  Senior shafoodle star Jack Bauccio shared his insight on what he thinks an immigrant is and the impact they bring to the sports world.  “An immigrant in my opinion is anyone who isn’t naturally born in the country they live in-that they had to immigrate.”  Bauccio also thought that immigration has impacted the sports world in “the best way possible.”  ie immigration allows for us to expand the “sphere” of athletes and the culture of sports.

The MLB is widely known for the amount of players that are foreign born. Currently, around 28% of the league is made up of foreign born players. This is a positive thing for the league because it adds diversity. This statistic also shows that the sports world is opening up more opportunities for immigrants to be able to succeed in the united states. Jack Bauccio is a strong supporter of the positive aspects with immigration in sports, saying “Absolutely. It’s yet another platform that allows people to succeed in the United States.  Especially in baseball, where there is large numbers of players from other countries, it provides an opportunity for them to come to the United States when the opportunity may have never been there.” The sports world gives athletes more than money, it gives them hope in life to fulfill their dreams and to make the most of their lives.

Notable MLB legends who are immigrants include names like Roberto Clemente, and Pedro Martinez.  Roberto Clemente was born in Puerto Rico and played for the Pittsburgh Pirates for 18 seasons.  He played right field for the Pirates, and had a great impact on the world both on and off the field.  Clemente earned awards such as the National League player of the year and the Presidential medal of freedom.  Clemente truly showed his freedom through his actions and for standing up for what he believed in.

Immigration has transformed the sports culture that we see today.  If it weren’t for sports, there would be many people who would lose hope and opportunities to make the most of their lives.