Teacher Profile: David Hutson

25 years ago there was a student, just like me and you, who attended Central Catholic. You could catch him running from class to class, conversing with his favorite teacher, Mr. Halligan, and even leading the school as ASB president.

Today many students know this man as Mr. Hutson. You can still spot him throughout the hallways, working in the SAC, and leading the school at the annual assemblies. From being a student to now being a teacher, Mr. Hutson has come full circle here at Central, and is, and will always be, a cherished member of the Central community.

Mr. Hutson attended Central Catholic from 1988 to 1992. He was an active student at Central, being on student council all four years and school president his senior year. You can still find his school president picture outside the SAC, hanging with all the other school presidents throughout the years. When asked how Central has changed since he attended the school as a student, the first thing that comes to his mind is the diversity. Mr. Hutson remarked, “If I wanted to make a Where is the Love video back in my day, I wouldn’t have to run around and get members of AASU like we did for the video because I knew all three of them in my class.” Today Mr. Hutson loves seeing how Central embraces diversity among our community, which wasn’t even recognized back when he was a student.

Many parts of Central have changed since 1992, however; one person that has brought some similarity back to when Mr. Hutson was a student is Mr. Halligan. Little do many students know, but Mr. Hutson has sat through the same history lessons as them! Mr. Halligan was Mr. Hutson’s history teacher and even influenced his decision to study history in college.  “He was the one that made me like History”, said Mr. Hutson when recalling the effects Mr. Halligan had on his education. After graduating from Central, Mr. Hutson attended University of Portland where he received a degree in history. After working various jobs post college, Mr. Hutson went back to University of Portland in 2000 to receive a teaching degree. Mr. Hutson began his teaching career as a student teacher for Mr. Halligan. Mr. Hutson remembers “It was strange having to call him Steve” when becoming co workers with Mr. Halligan. He began his formal teaching role in 2004 as a freshman history teacher and working in Campus Ministry. Eventually he changed roles and became Mr. Horne’s assistant for Student Council.

Ever since, Mr. Hutson has been able to bring his cleverness, sense of humor, and charisma to student council. Mr. Hutson describes his job as taking a student’s vision for either a dance, assembly, or fundraiser and helping to bring it to life. Being very creative and aware of what interests students in this day and age, Mr. Hutson contributes his own awesome ideas for school events. He also helps campus ministry and other school event planners bring new life to annual school events. His imagination and cleverness bring maximum enjoyment to school occasions.

When asked what his favorite part of working at Central Catholic is, Mr Hutson answers, “My favorite part of working at Central is the really positive environment.” Hutson describes the students, faculty and staff he interacts with as “genuine and kind”. Hutson enjoys working at Central and over the years has noticed that “people here are nice and want to do nice things”.  Mr. Hutson contributes to the caring environment by welcoming all students with a loving smile and by cracking a joke at any given time.

Outside of Central Mr. Hutson describes his busy life as having “jobs for days”. Besides working at Central, Mr. Hutson is also a waiter, trivia host, and an escape room designer. Mr. Hutson has worked in the restaurant business since he was 16 and loves interacting with his customers and making sure they have the best night with him as their server. As well as being a waiter, he is also a trivia host, and when he’s not hosting trivia, he’s playing it. Trivia is one of Hutson’s hobbies and he is very good at it. Mr Hutson’s newest adventure is creating escape rooms which you can find throughout Portland. Mr. Hutson uses his same creativity and cleverness that we see at Central, to make life-sized puzzle solving games for people to enjoy.

From 1988 to now, Mr. Hutson has been a valued member of the Central Catholic community. From being an active student, to now being an active teacher, Mr. Hutson has really been apart of every aspect of Central Catholic. Inside and outside Central, Mr. Hutson shares his many wonderful qualities to the world and smiles to people’s faces. The community at Central Catholic is grateful to have a such a nice man caring for all of the students and the staff.



By: Megan Shannon