Your Voice Matters

In the first weeks of his administration, President Donald Trump named Scott Pruitt, a self proclaimed climate change denier, as the head of the EPA.

Creating a wall in the process of change that environmentalists have been fighting to pass for decades. There have been a few steps forward, and several steps back, including Pruitt’s new position. Hopes were high in the environmental community as Al Gore ran for president, and then again as Obama worked to reduce our reliance of fossil fuels. But as the numbers overwhelmingly indicate, if action is not taken now, then it will be too late. We simply cannot afford to ignore this problem anymore. So how, at this pivotal time, can our government be failing us so miserably on this front?

The evidence is undeniable- The earth is in crisis. Oil spills contaminating water sources, and poisoning ecosystems. Hurricanes, and rising sea levels. Lead in the school water supply. Yet the government pushes to install another large scale oil pipeline, against the pleas and feedback from the water protectors at standing rock. And an EPA head of office who believes climate change is a hoax.

Now wallowing in fear and sadness for the sickness of the planet will not get climate temperatures in control. The only way to create a solution is to get climate change legislation passed. So it is important to turn that frustrated emotional energy into action. As Oregonians we are in a unique position. Despite the denial seen in the national government, our state senators have our back. Wyden and Merkley not only endorse climate change legislation, but often they are behind the committees who create such proposals.

Oregon is in a position to lead the country in change. So our senators need to know that we support them. Call your senators and tell them what you think about climate change legislation. Tell them how much it means to you, and why you believe this legislation to be so crucial. Your voice matters. It is the job of the government to serve their constituencies, so it is up to us, the people, to advocate for these important issues. If Oregonians fight for this issue, and get some legislation passed, then the rest of the country could follow.