In the Desks with Generation Z

Theology teacher Ms. Dedonato (Central Catholic class of 2000) compares her high school experience with those of her current students and gives insight on how technology has a conflicting role in  Generation Z’s lives.

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In 2000, Sarah  graduated from Central Catholic. Sixteen years later Ms. DeDonato returned to Stark Street as a theology teacher. Born in the 80’s, Ms. Dedonato identifies as part of Generation Y, which is characterized by their tendency to be enthusiastic about their jobs and work efficiently. Gen Y is also family-centric and team oriented. In comparison (or contrast) Generation Z- current Central Catholic students- are described as being global, social, visually stimulated and technologically dependent. Ms.    DeDonato sees the clear difference between generations as “Z’s”  access to technology, specifically social media, which can be “more distracting than beneficial at times.”


Ms. DeDonato remembers her student life as a ram as an “experience that was one of relationship.” This is what drew her back into Central Catholic; specifically to the theology department, which promotes spiritual growth. She is not against technology because it has the potential to incite innovation. However, it “doesn’t always promote interpersonal relationships” something Ms. Dedonato finds to be crucial in teenage development.

The concerns our teachers have for our generation are real but the future for our generation is still bright, even if the way is lit by phone screens.