“That’s So Last Year” and We Love it

The new vintage fad is somewhat of an “anti trend” and teens all over the country are going crazy over it, causing them to flock to the nearest thrift store. Kids and teens everywhere are dressing like their parents, listening to music like their grandparents, and going back in order to be fashion forward.

Some of the biggest things right now are 90’s style chokers, record players, typewriters, and high waisted “mom” jeans. So what’s the draw?

For some it is the aesthetic, others the lifestyle, and for most it is the ability to be different. Since the dawn of fashion, people have been using clothing to stand out and express their creativity. Since vintage is a now a trend it’s originality is questionable, regardless, people still find the draw.

So how authentic is this trend in reality? Here’s a quick chart showing the differences between the new and old “vintage.”


Then… Now…
  • Record players, typewriters, and polaroids were not popular at the same time
  • The styles and brands were new
  • Living “old fashioned” wasn’t a choice
  • Was new and not “reinvented” at the time
  • Parents could not relate to the style
  • Your “totally genuine” crosley brushes shoulders with your shakin polaroid
  • You’ll probably have to dig through the goodwill bins to find any true brands
  • Your smartphone is snapping pics while you listen to bona fide Beatles vinyl
  • Old and people are acting like it is new
  • Parents laugh behind their kids backs because they’ve been through the same trends


Happy hunting my vintage babes.