Senior Confessions

*Disclaimer: Do not take these as fact, they have not been proven, they’re just for fun*

Friendship- How Sweet…

“I am in love with my bestfriend” -Anonymous

“I actually really like everyone.” -Jordan Johnson

“I was never friends with Taylor Goretta.” -Isabella Fazio

Woah What?!

“My real name is Calvin.” -Calvin (DeAndre) Smith Jr.

“I’ve worn the same leggings everyday this week.” -Anonymous

“I’m a hypebeast.” -Adolfo Rivera

“Ms. Wallenius is actually my mom.” -Melanie Huynh

“I am the only lifeguard in my family.” -Nene

“I played league of legends everyday of my junior year.” -Barry Yan

“Hitting a backflip in the courtyard.” -Tristan Turkowitz

“I was lip syncing the whole time.” – Patrick D.

It Wasn’t Me or Was It…?

“I tried to scare away a herd of geese.” -Anonymous

“I punched a hole in Ali’s ceiling.” -Anonymous

“I once swore and Mr. Stuckart stared at me for a full five seconds.” -Anonymous

“ I’ve always had a crush on Solomon Gessesse.” -Anonymous

“Dillon McNeil is my junior crush.” -Anonymous

Tricks of the Trade

“The only reason I got through school is because I babysit for half of my teachers.” -Anonymous

“I park in the parking lot almost everyday.” -Anonymous

“Mr. Ward let his 5th period class take the tests as a group.” -Anonymous

“I ate sandwich with meat, cheese, and mayonnaise everyday because I’m lazy.” -Anonymous

“The PAC bathroom has the best wifi connection.” -Anonymous

“I turned in a total of three assignments in Mr. Workman’s Calculus class junior year and still pulled a B.” -Anonymous

“I park illegally almost everyday.” -Anonymous

“I have never registered my car.” -Anonymous

“I’ve used Slader on all math homework in high school.” -Anonymous