Senior Wills

Look what the Class of 2017 willing away to the juniors and underclassmen!

“I, Eilise Shannon, will Megan Shannon my three robes”

“I, Adolfo Rivera, will Henry Vason the biggest hypebeast and sneakerhead title.”

“I, Maddie Bruins, will Ava the car.”

“I, Molly Eby, will Megan Potter being on time to 0 period, Jada Pierce my dance moves, and Eden White, Olivia Anderson, and Midori Tanada an amazing senior soccer season. (Along with all my other soccer girls).”

“I, Quinn Smesrud, will Jennie W., Malone H., and Carissa C., my killer XC skills and our 10 person tent.”

“I, Valerie Truong, will my fabulous cross-country skills to Malone H., Carissa C., and Jennie W. I also will coach

“I, Julia Happ-Shine, will Grace Bowman an uprooted tree and a graduated cylinder.”

“I, Cole Rossman, will Andrew Myers the team tree leadership position and privileges.”

“I, Michael McCausland, will Jalen Harris somewhat trying and striving, Sahir Sandhu a love and passion for Chick-Fil-A, and Ben Brown cookies and allowing them to crumble.”

“I, Kellis Dack, will Sydnee Flores-Tucker out long car rides and our love of country. I will Abbey Copper and Claire Bass the job of birthday cookie making. And I will Bella Scarlett my hard work ethic and sweet 3 point shot.”

“ I, Lizzy Delaporte, will Madeline Cooney Ryan Kelly’s heart, Drew Corrado the drive home from 4404 SE Brooklyn street. Ryan Kelly the stones. I will Madeline Cooney, Sally Czuba, Greta Puetz, and Paitlyn Razo makeup tutorials, nightly routines, sherry, and CC tennis vibes.”

“I, Ethan Gallant, will Andrew Myers #54 and Cristian Lahti the new wing leader.”

“I, Rose Anderson, will Greta Puetz full responsibility of Ceci and Tank, and I will Emma Pitzer and Sydney Fisher all my basketball talents.”

“ I, Patrick Thomas Driscoll, will my singing and artistic abilities to the drama department and to the concert choir to allocate accordingly. I will all God Squad Responsorial Psalms to any and all that are willing to go up there and sing. I will the leadership of the cult created during All Shook Up along with its title to Grace Bowman, may she learn by my example, and lead with an Iron Fist.”

“I, Samantha Yazzolino, will Colleen McMonagle the fun of senior year, and Sydney Calleen the head of the altar serving team.”

“ I Samira Farah, will Olivia Erickson Jeffrey, and Emma Faris Varsity Cheer team captain, Emmy Deleboreaux my apple music and my damp beauty blender.”

“ I, James Mai, will Sahir Sandhu my car, and my charming smile.”

“I, Simon Cooney, will Ben Brown my blond hair and blue eyes. I will Madeline absolutely nothing,”

“I Barry Yan, will Genesis Qu all Rubik’s cubes, Aidan Tebeau all my League Skills, and Carol Chen tennis racket.”

“I, Kayla Schmidt, will the duties and responsibilities of choir mama to Haley Neal. The magic weapon of the water bottle to Micheal Sutton. To my musical lovelies Dead Girl Walking and all the backstage dances. To all my choir babies my inability to focus and knack for annoying McLean. To my twin Isak og Even. Finally, Landon James my eternal love as a sister.”

“I, Morgan R. James, will Gyllian M. the title of Queen Ginger, Jaida M. my “mom vibes”, Micheal S. the rights to Jimothy (may our marriage ever endure), my musical lovelies “Dead Girl Walking”, all the drama babes the back stage dances, Joe L. teleporting through Rocky Butte, Haley O. the dances to “All Shook Up”, Gavin G. the duty of keeping people sane by taking them on car rides to the tabor spot, Alex W. the phrase “handsome sound guy”, Anna D. my head kisses,  Grace B. the ability to “get ‘em next time.”, the Rampart kids my reign as supreme overlord, and lastly I will to Landon R. J. (AKA the best brother ever) the rights to the blueberry and the cats.”

“I, Cam Tran, will Van Ann Tran every “bomb diggity”, “dawg”, trashy ceramic pot, Justin Bieber poster, sweatshirt, and our one fat rabbit.”

“I, Charlie Zach, will Carson the Da Vinci Middle School pride.”

“I, Sullivan Rogerson, will Henry Schechter my undying respect.”

“I, Ben Rittenberry, will all the late slips to anyone who wants them.”

“I, Kylie Unruh, will Megan Shannon my good looks, my laugh, and my parking spot for Gale.”

“I, Mykah Knox, will Olivia Anderson my dad’s Prius, soccer skills, and constant food cravings. I also will Annika Ziels the ability to mess with the new freshmen that come on the song leading team.”

“I, Mark Farrenkopf, will Matt Robinson a new door. To Ian Kelleher, Hunter Karnopp, and Charlie Meade, I give you all the coconuts. Tanner Hillman, I will you my house next Saturday.”

“I, Luca Breslau, will Madeline, Paitlyn, Sally, Greta, and Daniel all CC tennis vibes, sick footy to Trafford, and my sweet chines dumpling to Caitlin.”

“I, Nancy Nguyen, will Carissa Catterall the power of hug therapy, Annika Ziels my Tevas, and Allison Vermilya future car trips.”

“I, Camilo Escobar, will Kevin Pixley all my knowledge of HSM, be in varsity. Good luck.”

“I, Tristan T., will Kitan a new set of keys and an ignition coil, Lahti his cute voice back and a log or two, Korbin my neck, Vinny Eastmoreland, Drewsef Norbic the dojo in which he shall bow to me, Traflord my baby, Maggie… the Mercury Mountaineer, Andrew Benson shin splints, Colin Stevens the infamous Lake Bor, and finally, Duke the keys to the castle.”

“I, Ryan Forster, will never put the goal away for Nolan Kirska, always get hyped before any game for Simon C., try to make people laugh for Jack K., I will also lend Nolak Kirska some playing time.”

“I Derek Conratt, will Nolan Kriska some of my athletic potential.”

“I Jack Kelly, will krispy paying time, and Liam Garsa’s roast.”

“I, Aidan Tillman-Rerdon, will Tien, the keys to swinging Junior year, Moelika, my friendship with Ms. Towle, may you always have candy, William, the key to a good time and chill music.”

“I, Andrea Farias, will Camille Guerrero, my hamster Missy Elliot, Olivia Erickson, YSL, Paitly Raze, the NYPD sweatshirt.”

“I, Wally McAllister, will Ian Kelleher and Hunter Karnopp, my philosophical insights.”

“I, Maddie Batiste, will Kiora Ridgeway, cheer maker for volleyball, Elizabeth Moran, the right to make fun of Herold for me, Bella Scarlett, the right to yell at everyone at practice.”

“I, Adam Godwin, will Wilson Glass and Bjorn Dyer, my old spandex.”

“I, Delanie Strauss, will Anna D. 6th period walks, Mia Bishop AD, Drama Girls “Dead Girl Walking”, and Genna and Cara my parking spot.”

“I, Annelise Phelps, will Ben Moss my virtuous reputation, the family legacy, and my pro cheering skills at football games.”

“I, Owen Riley, will Eric Brecht, Ben Brown, and Ethan Carman the Game of Thrones Guild. I will Sahir Sandhu the reigns of group 2. Lastly, I will the XC CYO team and the Grinnell Offense to Eric Brecht and Sebastian Gudino.”

“I, Grace Dooney, will Bella Scarlett my good decision making, Megan Potter my dance moves, and Myainda Thomas my starting position on basketball.”

“I, Gabi Raab, will Ellie Hylland my spotify playlists, old tennis uniforms, and the chocolate chip cookies from whole foods.”

“I, Whitney Warth, will all CC cheer and song leaders my cheer spirit and a new season full of fun and excitement. I will all my hard work and organization to the next Japan Club leaders (you got this!). I will Annika Ziels my cheer bows and all my underclassmen friends the very best in everything.”

“I, Dominic Nguyen, will Joyce Khouri all the world’s extraness, pettiness, and annoying-ness”

“I, Anna Parker, will Emma Pitzer the boys cross country team, Tess Kehoe and Sydney Fisher an elephant (Al), Grace Bowman a blanket and cake, Abby Grebisz a pickle, and Stephanie Dakin the rights to #gmpw.”

“I, Maria Kraus, will Kevin, Eli, Mateo, Alex, and Spencer the responsibility of getting a trophy for CC swim. I will Meley the key to the tech booth, and I will Jordan and Sarah the leadership of the ultimate team.”

“I, Ellie McElligott, will the ability (that I don’t have) to leave on time for things to Grace McElligott and Molly Rohling, and a sense of family pride to all of my cousins and brother who will graduate from CC in the future. To Steph Dakin, I will endless carpools and Sam Sessions (where is the love steph?).”

“I, Paige Rakoz, will Maddie Rust my sick lax skills, and Lacey Henry my natural athleticism.”

“I, Taylor Gorretta, will Lexi Gorretta my spot as the favorite Gorretta and to Steph my driving skills so you can whip without me and Tony.”

“I, Allie Potter, will Hannah Lavier sarcastic jokes, country music to sing during runs, the title of mama puppy to be shared with Carly for track (because somebody got to watch that girl), cheering loud, comic books, nerd talk, and most importantly the bathroom in Eugene (cue the crying). To Monie, late night gossip, a broken ten person tent, Dori Mac n’ cheese, lots of hugs, boy talk, prom and homecoming picture, my great dance moves, and wearing football jerseys. to my sister, Megan, I will my singing, my sense of judgement, my basketball skills, and my sense of humor.”

I Katie Moore will Tess Kehoe Coos Bay, Walmart, Ian, all things fruit punch, French 4, glossary’s, and the Fan Club. I will Grace O’Connor my love for the CC Rams, French, and my rainbows. I will Audrey Skoog the tennis carpool, many rainy days, and 6-page emails. I will Gabrielle Mueller math class senior year, orange, TA work, and study hall.”