The Night Before Summer

As your textbooks close and your swimsuits take their first trips to the docks remember all you have accomplished and everything you have pushed through.

Central Catholic look what you’ve done!

The Night Before Summer

The journey started when last years finals ended.

We gave back from the classrooms whatever Ms.Toll lended.

We saw each other on the field and running down Stark

working hard then to mark our mark.

In the fall we hung banners

Then we filled out our assignment planners.

There were touchdowns scored, side aches galore, yellow cards given, and tears poured.

Most importantly, as history will recall, there was baby powder on the bleachers of Jesuit high school after football.

Students helped students and art shows sold pictures.

Mr. Jaffe helped kids make ceramic fixtures.

In December the days were numbered

But we still couldn’t cancel finals- mega bummer!

Search was delayed twice

Walk down to Baby Dolls to get a slice

Charlie’s Aunt was funny

On off campus lunch we used all our money

Monsignor Murphy celebrated 50 years of ordination   

What is going to happen to the future of your nation…

Juniors wrote their thesis

The men’s four by four record was shattered to pieces

Mahlet was our princess of roses

At homecoming we held our poses

La La Land came out

So that’s what prom was all about

We say goodbye to Mrs. P

And welcomed Mr. Uchikura and Netzel’s babies

Seniors won powderpuff  

We’ve gotten through the month of May, it’s been pretty tough

The yearbook came out

Now we can see what the last ten months were all about

So thank you Central Catholic for all the memories

And as I conclude with this summary

I proud to be a ram day in and day out

So now it’s time for summer, give that a shout!