The Busy Bell: CC’s Schedule

The most polarizing topic around school this year has been the new schedule. Out with A-Days and reps, and in with utilities and hour-long classes. 

One of the members of the committee who helped orchestrate the new schedule is Spanish and French teacher Mr. Kreiter. He said the three main reasons for the new schedule were to better prepare students for college, to have classes at different times throughout the week, and to help students who struggle with attention. He elaborated, “Once an hour went by last year, we really didn’t get much work done in the last half hour.”

While many of the teachers agreed the new schedule would be a great improvement, opinions were mixed among the student body. Many have complained about the earlier late-start, and days lasting five more minutes. Junior Michael Ryan is among those who have not taken kindly to the new schedule, “I absolutely loathe five classes everyday.” He preferred the longer classes, and was also disappointed at the removal of reps, “I was always able to get a lot of work done during reps.” Senior Madison McDonald is also not keen on the new schedule. She says her homework load has gotten a lot heavier, “Since some days the classes are back to back and there isn’t two nights to do it.”

While some students expressed their displeasure with the schedule, others found many benefits with the new arrangement. The most common reason students gave for preferring the new schedule was the removal of A-Days. Senior Brandon Bravo explains, “It makes it easier on homework with no A days, and I like how the classes are shorter.” Some found the rotating classes to be unique and enjoyable but Brandon found this part of the schedule a little difficult, “The schedule is kind of confusing,” he explained.

Adjusting to a brand new schedule has been reminiscent of freshman year for many students, and showing up for the wrong class period has become a common occurrence. However, as it becomes more routine many opinions have changed, and despite whichever side of the argument you find yourself on, the schedule is here to stay.