Letter From the Editor: The Starting Line

In this year’s inaugural issue of The Rampart, we have composed a collection of stories representing the distinct starting points of each student’s life. The story of their origin is an especially defining moment in their lives: forming the particular and spectacular aspects of their character, discerning themselves from their peers, and forming the singular community fostered here at Central Catholic.

The formation of such a large and diverse community itself is a celebration of our differences,  however, the purpose of our issue is not simply to reiterate an observance of our differences, but reach an understanding of them – the causes of our diversity.

The stories featured in this month’s Starting Line issue aims at teaching our peers the stories within our community. From Faris’ story on transfer, Elijah Elliott, to Ziels’ feature on the college plans of current Seniors, The Rampart illustrates the continuous history of our lives. As Elliot, or our Class of 18’ Seniors are experiencing, the end of an experience only signifies the beginning of another: however, our lives continue, and the past will only follow.

Our objective is to understand these beginnings, for it is not only the experience of our present which allows us to know each other, it can only be in the past that we find out who we are.


  • Jose Ortiz-Angeles