A Cleaner Central Catholic: An Interview with Marvin Hill

Every day students come to Central Catholic to an especially clean environment. Have you ever wondered how the school is always so clean every morning? Our great janitorial staff are the ones putting in work behind the scenes to make sure our school is always looking neat and clean day after day.

Marvin is a longtime janitorial staff member, well known around the Central Catholic Campus. Marvin has worked at Central Catholic for about three years now but he has worked in several different schools before coming here,  “I started over at Portland public schools, went from there to Beaverton, and then came over here….I worked at a school called St. Therese, I was over there and then I got laid off and was off for a little bit and then heard that they were hiring over here at Central and got right on”. What separates other schools from Central Catholic in the eyes of Marvin is the community and family: something which is really important to him and a value which makes working here, all the more enjoyable, “I just love being here I love what I do and love the family here at central catholic”.

For Marvin, working behind the scenes at Central Catholic is much more meaningful than simply performing a job: he really enjoys what he does. Another reason why Marvin is grateful for his job is the relationships he has built with the students, “It’s the kids, I love the kids that’s always been the model of me being a custodian”. Marvin really appreciates the interactions he has between himself and the students here at Central Catholic. He says that people will come to him for advice and he is always there to give his best knowledge when it is needed, “…there’s been times where people came to me…I’m really friendly, I just love talking to people, talking to kids, and there’s been times where kids came to me with problems and stuff and I try and give them the best answer to help them with their situations”. Marvin prides himself in the sense that he is a “people’s person” and just loves talking to everyone, so make sure you say hello next time you see him around.

If you know Marvin, you know he loves sports and tries to attend all the sporting events he can. Marvin grew up playing football all throughout his childhood from Pop Warner up to high school, but due to a serious injury in high school and had to quit playing. Although he had to stop playing his love for the game never left. Other than football, his favorite sport is basketball and he attempts to watch all games while on his lunch break. Marvin loves it when Central Catholic wins just as much as everyone else here, “I love it when we take number one in all sports, I’m a sports fanatic. When we take number one I just you know just being with the kids I like to celebrate the moment with you guys, being part of the family”.

For the most part everyone just comes to school at 8 and leaves at 2:30 and do not think about what happens while they are not here. In reality, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes here at Central Catholic and our school would not be anywhere near what it is without the crew coming in after hours making sure our school is functioning and clean for all of us every morning.