Letter from the Editor: Behind the Scenes

In a large community, it is easy to overlook the many people that are essential to our daily lives. Some of the most influential members of our society receive little to no recognition. In this issue of the Rampart, we hope to offer a heightened understanding of those people within our school, community and beyond. Additionally, we look at critical topics that often become lost within our daily lives.

Behind the Scenes  goes in depth to highlight the people and things that make our community what it is. As students, we hear about friday’s football result, the homecoming theme, and various school wide activities. While it is easy to become stagnant in a narrow point-of-view, it is important that we consciously break this cycle when we catch ourselves being ignorant. Throughout this issue, we hope to do just that, break the cycle. We began by asking ourselves, “who are we overlooking?” and “what are some of the things that aren’t discussed without our community?” We address these questions through a series of articles highlighting local and national issues alike.

Find your place in our school library, with meaningful perspectives from Nic Netzel and Peggy Kays. Expand your knowledge of critical events involving women’s reproductive rights. Get personal with Central Catholic’s janitor, Marvin Hill.

As you read these articles, we encourage you to keep a few things in mind. Challenge yourself to surpass your individual perspective. Consider a variety of backgrounds and contexts, and utilize this opportunity to understand what it is ordinary to ignore. In Behind the Scenes, we hope to recognize what can easily be overlooked, and bring you a broadened sense of our collective community.


Hailey O’Donnell and Julia Nicolls