Christmas Movies: The Good, the Bad, the Elfing Terrible

Good- Elf: People that don’t like Elf are the worst kind of people. Even if the humor isn’t for you, Elf makes up for it by packing more Christmas spirit into 97 minutes than you thought possible. If you can’t enjoy this holiday classic, you’re really just a cotton-headed ninnymuggins.

Bad- Jack Frost: Doesn’t your deceased and formerly absent father coming back in the form of an iceman to mend your relationship sound like a dream come true? No, it sounds elfing horrifying, and whoever thought of this plot needs to be fired.

Good- A Christmas Story: Best known now for being the movie that is on all of Christmas Day, it is also the most beloved and classic Christmas movies. While there have been a couple weak attempts at sequels, the original has been called the greatest holiday movie ever by many.

Elfing Terrible- The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause: Yes there are three “The Santa Clauses,” and yes all three are elfing terrible, but the third takes the cake as the worst of them all. With an awful 15% rating by Rotten Tomatoes, critics have called Escape Clause one of “Tim Allen’s worst attempts at humor.”

Good- Home Alone: Both Home Alone and Home Alone 2 could’ve been mentioned in the good section of this list, but we will talk about the original. The New York based sequel was great, but does not have as many of the classic pranks on Harry and Marv, the bandit antagonists. Those pranks and the classic one-liners let this movie live on

Bad- Home Alone Three: A lot of people don’t even know there is a third Home Alone and honestly this is probably for the better. By this time Macaulay Culkin’s cute childhood was in the past and he was beginning to deal with the real life “problems” of being left home alone just a little too much. Instead of just enjoying the success of two very beloved Christmas movies, Home Alone attempted to triple down with another sequel and ended up with a truly terrible movie.

Good- National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Whatever can go wrong does go wrong, and this had made National Lampoon’s one of many people’s favorite Christmas movies. It follows the poor attempts of a suburban dad to celebrate the holidays perfectly, making for great slapstick humor.

Elfing Terrible- Tyler Perry’s “A Madea Christmas”: “A Madea” anything is bound to be terrible, but the holiday twist found a new way to make Tyler Perry’s movies even more painful to endure. While some reviews have actually enjoyed A Madea Christmas, the majority rate it under a five out of 10.