Beater of the Month


This year’s inaugural beater of the month goes to Camille Guerrero’s 1987 Honda Civic Wagon Bucket. Camille’s ride has lots of character, and lots of problems. When asked what doesn’t work, she jokingly replied, “Pretty much everything”. Here’s a list of malfunctions  that makes the car unique.

-Air Conditioning doesn’t work, (has to roll down the freaking window when she wants a cool breeze).

-Car violently rattles at every stoplight.

-Tires are straight BALD.

-Everything shakes.

-Horn sporadically  works.

Called ‘Old Betty’ by Camille and friends, isn’t all that bad. “The cars turning radius is out of this world”, continued Camille, proudly stating  she can do a full 360 with only 5 feet of space. The car provides plenty of space in the backseat for Camille’s necessities, extra clothes, blankets, and snacks.

You might look at Camille’s car and think it’s a beater, but once you figure out all the stuff that doesn’t work, it’s much worse than you think. Despite all the unsound things with car,  Old Betty is stocked full of character. And that is why everyone loves it.