Sensational Female Athletes of Central Catholic

Photo Credit Gabi Codino

Throughout the community of Central Catholic many young women participate in athletics. Sports like softball, soccer, basketball, swim, cheer, cross country, and track and field have many stand out athletes. Sports are a source of communication, individuality, and healthy ways to express yourself within your community. Here are some of the stand out female athletes at Central Catholic.

Photo Credit Brianna Perkins

Brianna Perkins is a sophomore at Central Catholic: she plays softball, and has been playing since she was five years old. Brianna played varsity softball her freshman year at Central Catholic, and loved it. At the dawn of her sophomore softball season she was excited to see her hard work in preseason pay off in the spring, “My favorite thing in softball is probably the community and the friends you make, because we all share a common interest and help each other build and get better at softball.” Brianna is ecstatic to get back on the field with all of her friends. Brianna looks forward to playing left field and second base this spring, she admires Jenna Lilley for her hardwork and effort in the game of softball. Brianna, like most athletes are starting to stress about their upcoming season, “ I’m not really nervous for anything. I mean I’m mostly just trying to perform at my best. Last year I was one of the only freshman on the team, and it was hard to find my place with all of the seniors and upperclassmen. But this year I won’t have that problem. I am mostly just nervous about finding my place again.”

Photo Credit Emma Henderson

Emma Henderson is currently a freshman basketball player at Central Catholic. Her family has a long history at Central Catholic in sports. Her sister, Alisha ‘16 played on the championship basketball team for Central her freshman year. Her brother, Joe ‘18 plays football and lacrosse for Central. Emma admires athletes like her siblings Alisha and Joe, and NBA player, Stephen Curry, for their hard work and dedication to sports and academics. Emma made the JV team this year and plays for FAST: a Nike sponsored club team for basketball. She has very fond memories of going to Los Angeles with her FAST team and participating in the Oregon State team camp with her Central Catholic team, “Playing for Central Catholic means that I am representing a community of people that are strong and well bonded.” Emma has enjoyed her freshman season so far and is looking forward to the next three years of her high school basketball career.


Photo Credit Gabi Codino

Gabi Codino, a sophomore at Central Catholic plays both soccer and softball ; she made varsity soccer this year and was a game changer for the team. Gabi feels like an integral part of her community, “My dad played baseball for Central, so getting to play softball for Central forms a connection between me and my dad, as well as my community.” Gabi has a jump start on her softball season by going to every preseason workout to help her get ready for the spring. Her mom and Grandma have always been there to support her. Gabi admires both her mom and grandma for the support and community they have built for Gabi, “My favorite game this season was definitely beating Camas it was such a high. It was amazing!”

Photo Credit Nina Dang

Nina Dang, a sophomore, is a part of the swim team for two years and has loved the activity since she was in kindergarten. She admires athletes like Serena Williams and Damian Lillard for their leadership and positivity. Nina is swimming on the girls varsity team this year: “I’m so proud to be part of the team and will miss it the most when I graduate, because I love the team so much.”  Nina is looking forward to compete in the remaining meets of the season and is excited to further her life as a swimmer.

Photo Credit Amara Christensen

Amara Christensen is a sophomore running sensation: she ran varsity cross country and track her freshman year. “Being apart of Central has been so impactful for my life. Being a ram means that I am apart of a community where I can do anything.” Amara’s favorite memories of running are going to the state meet and running in border clash. Amara is excited for the upcoming track season and hopes to return to the state meet this year.