A Jubilant Evening: Central Catholic’s Open Mic Night Review

A Holiday Story: So when the PAC doors finally did opened last Friday, and smell of Babydoll’s wafted in from down the street, it was not uncommon to hear the comments of happiness and Christmas cheer. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

Last Friday, parents, teachers, and students pushed their way into the Central Catholic Performing Arts Center, many were left at the threshold of the door as a result of overcrowding. The event, in terms of tickets sold, was already a massive success before it even began.

This was the scene for the year’s second quarterly Open Mic Night. Juniors Tristan (Bird) Bennett and Gavin Griswold hosted the evening, dressed with ease in flamboyant garb. Senior Alex Wolverton operated lighting and sound, music teacher, Mr. McClain and Senior Sammy Longo worked to keep the production moving smoothly, while councilor Chuck Blickle was posted on stage left watching the event he brought to Central Catholic 20 years ago.

The night was captivating from beginning to end; a constant motion of students of all grades performing sets, songs, and dances to the enjoyment of their peers. No performance went unnoticed — it quickly became the norm for audience members to stand and holler as if they were not in a theater but in the gym on the opposite side of the school.

Senior Moelika and Junior Blake Perform

Junior Drew Corado kicked off the evening by breaking in an anxious crowd with some stand up comedy, the night proceeded with notable performances from Seniors Moelika Fiemoefiafi, Grant Hutson, and Cyrus Swan. In addition, Freshman Paris Talbott, Juniors Grace Bowman, Megan Shannon, Sally Czuba, Gillian Mullen and Sophomore Zoe Bredlau-Beehler all delivered angelic and powerful performances at the mic. Senior Cali Rositani danced across as if she were flying. Group acts ranged from The Cecilia Society on string instruments, The Ramaphones (who sang acappella), and the Jazz band who really brought down the house with soulful riffs. Seniors Julian Thielman, Phuocan Nguyen, and Sydney Caleen were the backbone of the night: each of them performing in multiple acts, showcasing their slew of talents — both instrumental and vocal. Colleen McMonagle treated the audience to a violin rendition of the Imagine Dragons hit single, “Demons” and Senior Kiroa Ridgeway checked open mic off her bucket list with her cover of Beyonce’s “Sandcastles” leaving the audience stunned then screaming.

Senior Sydney performed multiple times across the span of the evening

By the end of the evening the general consensus amongst audience members was awe and excitement for the performances they had just witnessed. It was a friendly reminder of the arts programs Central Catholic fans often forget. Merry Christmas from The Fine Arts Department.


Images courtesy of: @cchsrams Instagram.