The Future Tastes Like Top Ramen

The closer the breakout from high school to real life approaches the more daunting it seems. We go from  being expected to ask an adult to relieve yourself while in class, to having the immense responsibility of budgeting your finance above the bare subsistence of three Top Ramen meals a day. The leap into adulthood includes many possibilities like furthering your education at a University that can cripple your already empty pockets, submerging yourself into a competitive job pool, or for the indecisive it can even mean a gap year into lands unknown.

Whatever your 18 year old self decides to indulge in after high school the allure surrounding it may seem to be rubbing off. The real world might be “too real” and those dreams of doing impactful things after graduation can start to feel sadly unobtainable. There is a weird funk that comes with senioritis because everyday high school day feels more like a protective bubble closing around us and as much as we all want it to “pop” , but what if it was nicer inside?

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The silver lining to recognizing our senior-year blues is acknowledging that we have the ability to do something about it. Taking the last semester of Central Catholic to step outside of our typical high school experience can help prepare us for our future. The end of high school is the end of a seniority that we will not experience for a long time. We will be like the “freshman” of society with little job experience and a poor understanding of the real world. We need to enjoy our friends while we still sit down with them at 11:40 everyday at lunch and our lives don’t revolve around paying rent/ sustaining our refrigerators/ keeping ourselves afloat. We might just end up missing 12th grade ending at 2:30 when we are working a desk job until it is dark outside or studying for a final that is worth 50% of our grade. We need to enjoy how nice it is that our math teachers will help tutor us after school when we don’t have to wait in a long line during office hours. So, Class of 2018, I challenge you; Enjoy the seemingly boring world of high school while life is still simple and friendships revolve around seeing each other during passing times. Eat up all the goodies in your fridge before you begin your love/hate relationship with Top Ramen, and love your friends because life beyond the brick walls on Stark Street is going to be crazy, but if we start to prepare now we might just be able to handle it.