Biggest Hip Hop Albums of 2017

I asked three seniors about the hip hop albums that dropped in 2017. They told me their favorite and least favorite songs from the top albums.

The Panel


Senior Isaac Amaral Artharee AKA ‘Ike Boog’

Fun Fact: On average,  gets curved by 3 girls a day.


Senior Amaha Million AKA ‘Millzz’

Fun Fact: Drives with no less then 4 girls in his 2 seater.


Senior Korbin Williams AKA ‘K Clutch’

Fun Fact: Clutch-est person in CC history.

More Life by Drake

more life

Drake dropped the much anticipated More Life on March 18th. Some big time features from Quavo, Travis Scott, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Kanye West, and Young Thug.


Isaac’s favorite: Do not disturb

Least Favorite: No long talk(Giggs ruins songs)


Korbin’s favorite: Can’t have everything

Least favorite: KMT(Another Giggs song)


Amaha’s favorite: Do not disturb

Least favorite: KMT


DAMN by Kendrick Lamar


Kendrick’s fourth studio album is a mix of dope beats and crazy verses. HUMBLE has 418 million views on Youtube, and many consider DAMN  Kendrick’s best album.


Ike’s favorite: ELEMENT

Least favorite: None( It’s all good)


Korbin’s favorite: PRIDE

Least favorite: BLOOD


Amaha’s favorite: ELEMENT

Least favorite: XXX


LUV is rage 2 by Lil Uzi Vert


LUV is rage 2 was heavily criticized, yet was number 1  on Billboard top 100 albums. Xo Tour Llif3 has 150 millions views on Youtube, and was one of the most popular songs of the year.


Ike’s favorite: 20 mins

Least Favorite: The way life goes


Korbin’s favorite: 20 mins (It’s just a slap)

Least favorite: Malfunction


Amaha’s favorite: Sauce it up

Least favorite: Unfazed


Culture by Migos


Culture is the 2nd studio album by the rap trio from Atlanta. Features from Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, and 2 chainz helped land Migos with a spot on the Billboard top 100 albums for 2 weeks straight.


Ike’s favorite: Kelly price

Least favorite: Bad and Boujee (because it’s overplayed)


Korbin’s favorite: Kelly Price

Least favorite: All A**


Amaha’s favorite: Slippery

Least favorite: All A**


These were the top albums that dropped in the past year. Now you can decide which album is your favorite, and the album that is trash.


Feature image: Southern