Student’s Opinions on Paying College Athletes

In the past few days, the world of college sports has been shook with news of an FBI report that found emails and phone calls from coaches and agents who made illegal payments to college basketball players to attend specific schools – some of the players were rumored to have received over $100,000 in gifts. These incidents have begun a discussion on whether college athletes should be allowed to receive these benefits. Currently, players are not allowed to receive any money from their college career, despite making billions for the NCAA and their universities.

I surveyed my peers on this subject and found there are varying opinions among Central Catholic students on the idea of collegiate athletes receiving monetary payments. Of the 18 participants surveyed 13 said they did believe college athletes deserve to be paid. Exactly half felt boosters illegally giving players cars, clothes, and money was immoral, while half felt this was an acceptable practice. Although many felt players deserved to be paid, the majority agreed that this payment should be reasonable, as 15 out of 18 believe college coaches and teachers deserve to be paid more than college athletes. 10 of 18 the respondents said it is unfair for the university to make money if the athlete couldn’t, and 11 out of 18 said they believed more college athletes would graduate if they were allowed to be paid.

These results show that the majority of Central Catholic students believe that college athletes deserve to be paid for the talent they bring to their schools. From the March Madness alone, the NCAA will make billions in just television and advertising money, while the players will continue to see none of this. In changing times for the collegiate athlete, more and more people seem to agree: players deserved to be paid.