Last week, Central Catholic High School hosted a walkout in remembrance of the 17 lives lost several weeks ago and to call students in our community to action.

This is not the first school shooting. These student’s faces were not the first ones to be playing in a slideshow. Their mothers were not the first to cry out, because no parent should ever have to experience this horror. The survivors are making excellent headway in regards to gun reform. While not everyone may agree with their message, what’s important is that the survivors are speaking out for tangible change. In a big way. A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about what the words of these survivors mean for students like myself. However, I truly believe that in order to understand the message of these survivors, we must begin to understand the lives that were lost. Below, I detailed the information about the 14 students and 3 teachers that were lost on February 14, 2018.