The End of Portland…

Portland. Gone. But the question is, when? Most people on the West Coast are well aware of the fact that we are due to be hit with a massive earthquake that has the potential to destroy entire cities.Portland and the surrounding areas are especially sussentable. Bridges would be wrecked making it so people couldn’t easily get from one side of the city to the other and old brick buildings would purverize from the shaking.

The reason for the inevitable shake is the 700 mile long Juan de Fuca Plate that would slide under the North American Plate causing around a 9.0 magnitude earthquake. This earthquake would last up to 6 minutes long with guaranteed aftershocks. The Oregon coast would experience a tsunami not long after. All the coastal towns would be wiped out with alleged 80 foot waves destroying everything in its path.

Heavy destruction in Ecuador after an earthquake dismantles a road leaving cars in the rubble

Once the West Coast shakes the big concern will be staying safe and locating your family. It is vital that everyone has a plan of what to do after the earthquake happens. A lot of families will be separated, maybe even on either sides of the river. Keeping extra supply of water and food at your home would be smart because there obviously there is a chance that plumbing could become dysfunctional and roads to stores could be destroyed.. Another important thing to note is that phone lines will either be full or not working in general. In order to get into contact with people, call people out of the state and have them report to your family member because calls going out of state will not be as busy.


The city of Portland is attempting to take measures to reinforce buildings and make them more sturdy in the event of an earthquake. Newer homes will be way more likely to stand than older houses which is why it is recommended to anchor your homes to give them the extra stability they need to stay up.


Everyone should go through many earthquake drills so be sure to use what to could happen and what your plan is.


An interesting fact about Portland is that one of the safest places to be during an earthquake in on the new Tilikum Bridge. As a result of its recent construction the bridge is completely up to code and will stand sturdy when the inevitable strikes.


Please take your time to property equip both your mind and homes with the tools to react to what we all know is coming. Thank you.




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