What in God’s Green Earth Are These Doors?

As students returned from Spring Break, they were greeted with an ominous set of double doors at the main entrance; many assumed this was due to the recent school shootings that have occurred across America. However, the plans for the new doors were made a few years ago, and after a donation from Joe Weston – the same donor who funded the Commons – it became possible.

The Parkland Shooting was a deciding factor in the purchase of the double doors, which have been specially equipped with bulletproof technology. The new entrance protects against far more than just the threat of a school shooting, occasionally, disorderly people have entered the school without permission and walked throughout the halls. The new system is equipped with a camera, capturing all people who enter the doors on a monitor in the Main Office. The attendant in the main office can then choose whether or not they would like to open the second set of doors. The eventual plans for the front entrance are to have large windows between the main office and the entrance area, allowing for even more transparency for the entrance.

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