Who Makes Your Skis?

From the homemade press to the slopes, ON3P skis will not disappoint. What started out of a garage in Tacoma as a mission to create better skis for personal use has turned into an 8400 of warehouse producing and distributing skis to over 10 different countries. Yet they are not like the other ski brands. ON3P makes sure every step of the process in building their skis is done all by hand in their Portland, Oregon warehouse. And it isn’t just the skis that are all handmade. Almost all the tools used to build the skis are handmade as well, such as the ski press, heat box, to the tables, etc. Anything that they can build, they will. The press is even made with old fire hoses!

One of the main goals going into creating these skis, in the beginning, was to create a more durable ski and one that would not get so easily banged up, but at the same time a very high functioning ski. To carry out this mission they use 100% bamboo core to keep it light, DuruSurf bases which are made for high impact and fast speeds, UHMW sidewalls which again are durable and keep the ski lightweight, and thicker edges to keep the ski protected. Every one of these processes plus the many other steps along the way are all done with precision in the same place to ensure everything goes hand in hand with each other. A majority of other ski companies do not take this hands on detailed approach to building their skis and will oftentimes send parts of the skis to another location to be finished. That is surely no way to build a ski and expect good results. ON3P undoubtedly has the upper hand in the building process in that they actually put real time and effort into it. Who wouldn’t want their skis to be made with extra care?


The skis themselves:

I had the opportunity to ride the ON3P Billy Goats and what a privilege it was riding them in one of the best powder days of the season. The skis come in 179cm, 184cm, and 189cm, with dimensions of 141/116/125, 142/116/126, 143/116/126 respectively. With the underfoot at 116 and tip at 142, these skis float in the powder like no other, and the ability to make big turns down the mountain is unmatched. And not to mention, you still have control to get yourself through trees. The rocker/(slight)camber/rocker design gives the rider the ability to really drive the ski. If you are the type of skier who also likes to charge straight through crud and go at high speeds these skies will do just that, again because of its rocker and camber to absorb anything that comes its way. While skiing on the Billy Goats you feel very sturdy which gives you the confidence to do anything.

Final Word: ON3P is doing big things and has some products that are hard to match. It is no surprise they are producing top quality skis after seeing all the hard work that goes into the production. And if you have a pair you will have some of the most stylish skis on the mountain with their cool graphics and one of a kind green bases.












Photos of Holden by Tully Bush