Student Artists of Color

Diversity plays a big role in the school environment, as well as in art. A school’s diversity can define the learning environment very well, allowing the idea that students of every race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. are welcomed and have an opportunity to express themselves safely in the classroom. Diversity in art is shown here at Central Catholic High School, which holds the record for having the highest number of art course options in the state of Oregon. With a plethora of art mediums and themes, from abstract to portrait photography, these Central Catholic artists are motivated to use their skills as a hobby or to pursue an art career option in the future. With the recognition of students of color, schools can truly stand by their diversity statements and give students the representation that they need to feel like they really belong, just like our motto says. Diversity matters in the classroom. The wide variety of art styles and concepts depicted in the following artworks are an important aspect of what makes Central Catholic students one of a kind. There is importance in highlighting a group of artists from multiple diverse backgrounds because that is what Central Catholic is about.

Kimy Granados Gonzalez ’18

After high school, Kimy will be attending University of Washington for legal studies. In addition to this, Kimy has found an artistic passion through doing makeup on herself and others. “I got into makeup artistry as a sophomore on the Varsity Cheerleading team because I had to learn how to do ‘stage makeup’ for all of our assembly performances and state-wide competitions. I taught myself how to apply makeup on my own face through YouTube tutorials, and with practice over time, I gained more and more skills. During the fall of senior year, I enrolled in makeup school to further my education and learn new techniques, and that’s when I began doing makeup on other people. I do what I do because I love seeing people’s reactions and expressions after I am finished. I see makeup as a form to enhance one’s natural beauty, and it is amazing to see how much of a confidence booster it can be.”

image4.jpegimage6.jpegimage8.jpegimage2.jpegimage3 (1).jpegimage7 (1).jpeg

Lauren Segura ’20

Lauren is a big fan of color and is inspired every day in her photography class. She is amazed by her classmates’ authentic artworks and photographs. “I really like to capture pops of color because I feel like they add a lot of emotion and depth. I like how, in photography, even though the subjects are the same for multiple people, the pictures always come out different.”


Angela Nguyen ’19

Angela has a passion for abstract art. She creates visuals as a hobby and these artworks embody her thoughts and ideas. “I enjoy my The Weeknd wirework piece because I like his music. In my first piece, it looks like some dude is eating a pencil because I like drawing and eating. I like drawing because I can express my ideas onto a visual piece without having to say anything and it can be perceived differently by diverse groups of people.”


Korbin Williams ’18

These wholesome photographs, by Korbin Williams, capture the art of youth and spontaneity. The theme of his work tends to be portrait photography, which portrays his subjects, their lives and emotions, giving them character. “I appreciate having the ability to capture my life’s and others’ moments and expression emotion in photography. I love capturing portraits the most. When I take pictures of people, I think it’s a way of telling their story and [revealing] more about them as a character. These pictures were apart of my summer project for AP 2D Art. I called the project ‘Summer Youth’ and I wanted to capture how summer is supposed to be fun and free when we’re young. These are pictures of my cousins, Elijah and Josh.”

the upside down.jpgthe twins.jpgelijahh.jpg

Sammy Longo ’18

Sammy found her different artistic interests throughout her sophomore and junior years of high school. Combining her two primary techniques and adding others, Sammy creates artworks that replicate her creative imagination. “I’m not very strong in drawing or painting probably because I’m indecisive, but when I’m working digitally I can easily try out different color ways and go back and change things I don’t like. My most recent piece is the zodiac calendar which I thought was really fun. I painted the watercolor background myself and drew the crystal cluster and moon because I thought it would work with the celestial motifs. Also, behind each astrological season, I added the constellation that represents the sign. The photo is from Greece. The negative space from the photo of the moon spells ‘carpe noctem’ which means ‘seize the night’ in Latin. Lastly is the studio portrait with a graphic design layout.”

sammy.jpgsammy 2.jpgsammy 3.jpgsammy 4.jpg

Awar Meman ’19

“My main goal as always just been to have people express their inner beauty in many different ways.” Awar’s passion, photography, may be the perfect hobby match for him. Through his portrait photos, he aims to accentuate the idea of beauty and different perceptions of a person. He hopes that his art style catches attention and emits awe and fascination. Awar says that photography simply makes him happy. “Growing up, I never had my niche. I was never really good at sports or talking to people. I grew up with four sisters who, at some point in their lives, didn’t always feel self-confident, and so one of my biggest talents, ever since I was a young boy, has been just helping people with their self esteem.” Awar’s photography highlights the hidden beauty and value of the people in his life who may not see it themselves. “I love working with diverse groups of people because I feel that it’s very important to showcase and shine light on people who haven’t felt or seen their own beautiful because of the norms that they’ve struggled under.”

Shangar Glowing.jpgDONT LOOK BACK (1).jpgIMG_0876 (1).JPGEmma in the Store (1).jpgC351CC70-EDA2-4BC0-A5D6-12E111CF76C6 (1).jpg

Jill Roberts ’21

Using her creative mind, Jill is beginning her journey in art, mainly for fun and relaxation. “I didn’t really start until last year, I just picked it up as a hobby rather than pursuing it as a talent. I just like using [art] as a therapeutic outlet and it is a good way to express my emotions.”


Josh Wood ’18

“I like my photography to highlight issues that are of importance to me. I like them to have a deeper meaning, something that makes the viewer think. My favorite work [to date] is ‘Ziggy.’ I feel personally connected to the subject matter and the issues it brings to light. [This piece] deals with the concept of breaking gender walls with guys wearing makeup and the consequences that come with it. The American flag represents the freedom the country cares so deeply for, but the fading, dirtiness gives it a degraded, hypocritical meaning. The lightning bolt is a reference to David Bowie’s androgyny. The tank top outfit resembles the ‘masculine’ archetype. These two face the middle photo because because they look towards what is an inevitable future.”


Kai Henderson ’18

I wanted to show the sadness that has plagued a group of people across the country, because of recent tragedies, yet show the hope that still exists.” Influenced by collage artist Michelle Thompson’s work, Kai created this peace to contrast the ideas of racial injustice and hope in the world. To give background on his artwork, Kai says, “Being a minority myself, it made me wonder, do people treat me differently because I don’t look like them? I thought that the Black Lives Matter campaign was a great way to bring light to and protest against police brutality. It was purely American, as members took advantage of their constitutional rights to assemble and petition the government peacefully.”


Phuong Anh Quach ’19

Using art to relax, Phuong began exploring herself artistically in grade 4/5. Phuong Anh loves to find artistic inspiration and get involved with cultural traditions. In the future. she will be majoring in business and possibly minor in design.

phuonganh.jpgphuonganh 2.jpgphuonganh 4.jpg