New Teacher, Who Dis?

With so many new faces at the beginning of the school year we thought it would help to get to know the new teachers here at Central Catholic. Without further ado here they are!


Mr. Ford

Students from last year might recognize him from his student teaching stint here last winter. Now he is back to teach full time for English I and II.  As a CC alumnus, Mr. Ford (pictured above) is very familiar with Central and its community. After graduating from Central in 2008, Mr. Ford went on to study at University of Montana (Go Grizzlies!) where he got his bachelors in journalism. From there he went to get his Masters at Concordia University. He has also taught at Parkrose Middle School and in South Korea. Some fun facts about Mr. Ford are that his first job was being a lifeguard at Riverside Pool and his favorite show is The Office. His favorite books are East of Eden by John Steinbeck and The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. Lastly, the thing he is most excited for this year is being featured in this article!


Mr. Guthrie

Mr. Guthrie was born in Portland, but grew up in Sacramento. He went to high school at Mountain View in Vancouver. He then continued his studies and got his masters at Concordia University (he was classmates with Mr. Ford!). Mr. Guthrie teaches U.S. History and Government. A fun fact about Mr. Guthrie is that his first job was a security guard. When asked what his favorite song is he jokingly replied, “All country and western.” Not only is he a teacher, but he is also the special teams and linebacker coach for the football team.


Ms. Thornhill

Ms. Thornhill went to highschool at Tri-Cities High in Pasco, Washington. She then continued her studies at University of Portland. She teaches English I & II. She has also taught at Eastside Catholic, Valley Catholic, and St. John Fisher. Some fun facts about Ms. Thornhill are that her first job was a fill in receptionist at her Uncle’s law firm and her favorite show is Parks and Rec. Her favorite song is “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison. Her favorite thing at Central so far is the community.


Ms. Kollman

Ms. Kollman is an especially new face at CC! She was Kari’s last minute replacement for the semester. She teaches Art I & II, Design I, and Digital Publications.  She has 35 years of professional experience which has included animation, commercial art, editorial illustration, fine art drawing, painting, and etching. She finds it very rewarding to inspire students and to in turn be inspired by them, which is what drew her to teaching. She also teaches at St. Andrew Nativity, in the Multnomah County Library Events Program and Oregon Society of Artists. Some fun facts about Ms. Kollman are: her favorite TV shows are Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and crime or court drama and her favorite book is The Art Spirit by Robert Henri. She is excited about getting students working on a project for the January opening at the Elisabeth Jones Art Center. This exhibit theme comes from Pope Francis Encyclical on climate change & inequality…the care for our common home.


Mr. Young

Mr. Young teaches ASL I & III. He attended David Douglas High School, and then went to University of Oregon for two years to major in education. After two years as a duck, Mr. Young transferred to Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). He graduated in 2007 with a degree in public policy with a focus on computer and cyber crime. And now he is back in education! His first teaching job was at Mid- Peninsula High School in Menlo Park, California and has taught at many schools around the San Francisco area. Some fun facts about Mr. Young are that his first job was with the Air Force working on computers. His favorite TV shows are West Wing and 24 and his favorite song is “The Scientist” by Coldplay. Lastly, his favorite thing at CC so far is seeing students signing to each other and chilling in the faculty room in really, really, really comfortable couches and chairs.


Ms. Nguyen

Ms. Nguyen is a new world history and U.S. history. Ms. Nguyen has also taught at Holy Trinity and went to school at Portland State University (PSU). Her favorite things at CC so far are the nice and supportive people. Ms. Nguyen’s first job was a server at I Love Sushi, her favorite Tv show is Friends, her favorite song is “If You Leave Me Now” by Chicago, and her favorite book is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. When asked what she is most excited for this year she replied, “Building a connection to the community”.


The last new teacher is Ms. Dubey whom could not be reached for an interview.


With some many wonderful additions to the Ramily I think we are in store for a great year!