Is It Worth It?- The effects of texting and driving with teens.

Woman looking at phone and typing on smart phone, texting and driving at the same time. Safety compromised. On the other side yellow bus is coming.


The phone buzzes and you look down to see what it says. You begin to drift into the other lane and BAM! In that split second from looking at the road to looking at your phone you drift into the other lane and go head on into a eighteen wheeler. You never thought that you will ever be in an accident. Was it worth sending that text?

Each day there are 3,287 deaths in fatal car crashes. 9 of those crashes are due to distracted driving. Every day eleven teens die from texting and driving. While 94% of teens know that texting and driving is dangerous, teens are still 4 times as likely to get into car accidents while texting and driving or talking on the phone than an adult. Cell Phone use is the highest with drivers between the ages of 16-24. Nearly 9 in 10 people use their smartphone while driving. 81% of people who use their phone while driving read and send text messages.

In July of 2015, a teen drove through a red light, t-boning another car and killing the 54 year-old driver and his 10 year old daughter. The teen who was driving without a license refused to listen to her friends pleas to not be on her phone while driving. The 17 year old driver told her friends “ that she didn’t care if she crashes.” When analysis was done on the teens phone, it was found that she had sent multiple messages on Facebook moments leading up to the crash. This teen has to live the rest of her life knowing that she took the life of two people: a loving father and husband, and a little girl who will not be able to grow up.

In February of 2018, a teen from Alabaster, Alabama was killed when she crashed into the back of a tractor trailer while texting. The 17 year old’s mother is now trying to help other parents not go through what her family and she went through. She had to lay her daughter to rest and has to live the rest of her life in pain knowing that her daughter is gone and she’ll never get her back. Imagine would your parents will go through knowing that their child is gone because of something that could have been prevented like texting and driving.

There are plenty  more stories of accidents with teens who texting and driving. Do you want your friends and family to suffer the same? You can prevent accidents like this from happening by just putting the phone down and waiting to look at the message or send that snap. AT&T is working to stop texting and driving with their It Can Wait campaign. Over 30 million people have pledged to drive distraction free. Will you join them? Click on the link to take the pledge and help others drive distraction free. Is it worth it?


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