September Beater of the Month


Our first Beater of the 2018-2019 school year goes to junior Tim Rust’s 1987 Mercedes Benz 300. This vintage wagon packs as much charisma as it does problems. When asked what quirks this beater has Tim was quick to reply:

  • The gas pedal is funky- if you press too hard the car starts to shake and then proceeds to die
  • The automatic locks don’t work
  • He can only unlock the car from the passenger side
  • He can’t lock the car from the inside
  • The trunk door doesn’t open
  • You have to jimmy the key to get the car running
  • The windshield wipers on headlights don’t work, they are strictly for looks
  • The Aux cord sucks–  it only plays at a very low volume (which is why Tim has over 40 CD’s stored in his car!)

Tim came to acquire this car after his first car wouldn’t even start. Tim calls his car Slider. The name Slider was inspired by the Top Gun character and as a memento of the inspiration, Tim keeps a picture of Slider in the glove box. Tim’s favorite memory of Slider was when it died at the intersection of Milwaukee Ave and Bybee Blvd within the first week of having him. Slider is nothing short of a true beater; a less than average car with a lot of heart..and Tim wouldn’t have it any other way.