Walk for Joy 3: Students Unite

On September 30, Jesuit, Central Catholic, St. Mary’s Academy, Valley Catholic, La Salle, and De La Salle students will come together to raise money and awareness for the Children’s Cancer Association.


For those who do not know Children’s Cancer Association (CCA), is an organization that brings programs based in music, art, and nature to children and teens that suffer though cancer, such as MyMusicRX and Caring Cabin.  While other organizations have the goal of curing cancer, CCA is dedicated to “prescribing joy” to those who suffer and strive to make the most out of their life.


Regina Ellis, with the help of her family, founded CCA in 1995 after cancer took the life of her 5 year old daughter. Starting as a meeting around a kitchen table it turned into what it is today: one of the biggest non-profit organizations in the Northwest.


Regina currently serves as the leader of CCA, with a firm belief that joy can change lives and create innovation and creativity.


Central Catholic is one of the many supporters of CCA, and as many of you know, they are participating in the walk this Sunday. For those who want to join but did not attend the meeting in the new gym, go to the Christian Service Office and talk to Mr. Uchikura about joining the Walk for Joy.


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