Creepin It Real on Halloween

Halloween is on a Wednesday this year my dudes. In preparation for the 2018 spooky season, from trick or treating, to movie marathons and fun snacks that will make you scream, the Rampart  is here to help to make to help make Halloween 2018 spook-tacular.

So you may be thinking “Aren’t I too old to go trick-or treating?” And the answer to that is, NO WAY! While many parents say that you should stop trick-or-treating when you get into high school or stop in middle school. There are many parents who are welcoming to kids of all ages when they open their door. In an article from the Today Show, a Florida mom was asked how she felt about what age is too old to trick-or-treat and she said, “With all the bad things in the world and teens on devices, this seems pretty harmless…” As the older brother of two younger sisters who still dresses up with them and goes trick-or-treating, I have been told that they are glad I am there with my sisters rather than out being stupid. In the article, there was a survey of what age is too old to go trick-or-treating and out of the 4,072 participants, 46% of the people said that you are never too old to go trick-or-treating.

In certain cities in Virginia you may be charged with a misdemeanor. In the city of Chesapeake, Virginia there is an ordinance that if you are over the age of twelve then you can be charged with a misdemeanor and be punished with a fine from $25-$100 or up to six months in jail. The city is not trying to fine teens violating this age law, but wants to keep teens out of trouble. If a teen is with their younger sibling then it is okay, but if they are smashing pumpkins and causing havoc then that’s when the law comes into place. Just remember to be safe and respectful and then you shouldn’t have any problems with the law.   

For those of you who are not up for a night of trick-or-treating, you are probably saying to yourself, “What will I be able to do while everyone else is getting free candy?” Here is a list of some pretty great Halloween movies to watch by yourself or with a group of friends. From horror thrillers to movies to enjoy with the whole family, there are plenty of options to watch. If you are looking for something to keep you up for most of the night, then there are a few movie series to watch such as: The Nightmare on Elm Street series, Halloween, Saw series, Child’s play and Friday the 13th. While these movies are older and have some funny special effects compared to the movies we watch today, they can still give you the creeps and will make you jump.

If you are looking to watch with your family and have younger siblings, don’t worry there are some good movies that are not super scary but can still make you jump a little. The first one is the fan favorite The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, this movie can also be considered a Christmas movie, but it is still spooky enough to enjoy with the family. If you are looking for a movie series to binge watch then, there is the Disney movie series Halloween Town. This movie series has four movies and enough spookiness for the tougher ones in the family, but also still family friendly for the little ones. There are plenty of other movies out there to enjoy at home snuggled up with some popcorn and your favorite pumpkin spice treat.

Speaking of treats, what better way to celebrate Halloween than with some spook-tastic treats?  Here are five Halloween or fall themed treats that are fun to make and taste just as great. The first treat on the list is caramel apples. This is a pretty easy recipe to find and easy treat to make for your spooky Halloween party. The next amazing treat on the list is His and Her Franken Shakes and Bride of Franken Shakes. They are mint and vanilla shakes that can be decorated to look like Frankenstein and bride of Frankenstein. If you are looking for a treat to impress your guests at your next Halloween bash, then why not try making red velvet vampire cupcakes? This spooky dessert is a red velvet cupcake with a raspberry jam filling that will make your guests scream in delight. Whether you are looking for the centerpiece for your table at your next party or just want to create something interesting for your family, then why not a skeleton meat platter? This dish is perfect for the meat-lovers of the world. Last but not least is probably the simplest  dish of the list: mummy dogs. The unBOOlievable treat makes a great snack or dinner, looking like a mummy but in reality is a hot dog wrapped in croissant dough. These are just a few ideas for some spook-tastic treats. If you would like to look at some more recipes, here is the link to the Food Network website where I found these delicious treats.     

 These are just a few ideas of ways to celebrate Halloween 2018. Post in the comments down below your favorite movie or treat , and what your plans are this Halloween. Remember to be safe, check your candy, and also have fun.

Happy Halloween from your  Central Catholic Rampart.


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