Discovering a Second CCrampart

The Rampart ( is the Central Catholic High School news source, but a recent discovery has identified a second website under the same name. The CC Rampart online clothing store ( raises legitimate questions about the credibility of their business. uses images to claim they sell items from various brands including Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Under Armour, etc. However, the description accompanying the images do not always match the corresponding item. For example, the picture below shows the site uses an image of womens low-cut Nike socks, but the item description claims it is an elastic headband.

CC Rampart Socks

There are multiple instances on the website where this problem is present. A second example is a polo shirt that is for sale. The image below clearly shows a black polo shirt, but the description claims the item is slim fit pants.

CC Rampart Polo.PNG

More evidence supporting the claim that the website in not a credible online store includes false retail prices. Multiple items for sale on the website have a large retail price, but the sale price is significantly lower to imply that the consumer is getting a deal. For example, the Rampart advertises Nike fleece pants at $181.50, and marks them down to $60.30 as pictured below. On the official Nike Website, the same exact pants are advertised at a retail price of $100. It looks as though the Rampart is selling the pants for less, but the problem lies in the claimed advertising price. The Rampart should not be taken seriously if they make false claims about their prices.


CC Rampart PantsCC Rampart Nike Pants


Additionally, there exists a lack of contact information. The contact button located on the top of the page leads to an email submission, but no direct phone number.  According to the website Scam Adviser (, has a 44% “Caution’ rating and the site could be either based out of Turkey or China. The site is only 329 days old and has a estimated value of $580. For a online store that’s not much, suggesting that activity by the site’s owners is limited. Both of us sent them a message using their own contact form on the 2nd of October…we have not received a response despite scam advisor showing that an administrator of the site was active on October 4th at 7:44 pm PST. Using UTC, China is +8 hours, so 7:44 pm PST is approximately 10:44 am CST. Turkey on the other hand is UTC +10 hours, so 7:44 pm PST is 5:30 am EET. Both of those times can fall into hours of a work day, making it hard to lean on one country being the point of origin.


You have to wonder since this is a online store with lots of stock (pictured above, this $130 bag has over 50 units) and a seemingly okay website, it must get business? According to Scam Advisor, the site has had just 129 views EVER. Because of that we can’t help but think about the financial burden the owner is currently under. Sellers usually get products at reduced costs from distributors because they aren’t consumers, so the owner or owners of this website have bought close to millions of dollars in stock or  more to sell on this website. Unless they are a sponsored distributor, which we haven’t found any evidence for, they must be operating under heavy debt. is an interesting website: the country of origin is unknown, contacting the admin of the site seems to be impossible, and the rather sloppy labels for clothing makes it tough to think this site is genuine. advertises very large multinational clothing brands on their site with rather inconsistent pricing that sometimes fails to match up with a manufacturer’s Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). A website that sells a company’s clothing but fails to comply with a basic policy like this cannot look good. Thus, to the eye of the consumer, We ask you this: Would you spend your money here?

By Tony Cole and Owen Retzlaff


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