While trying to come up writing my third article I decided to start with the world “Title” and see where things would go from there. Trying to come up with something that jumps off the page and catch the reader’s attention. When brainstorming I thought, “what could be interesting to talk about?” Something about music? Sports? This was a tough thing to think about because I want to create something for people to read that they will find interesting.

Writing for a newspaper is hard to do because it is hard to make sure that it will be entertaining enough for people to want to read. It is hard to find the right topic to write about since people are interested in different types of things. I try to find inspiration in whatever I am watching or listening to.

When I first started thinking, I knew I had to write about something that will raise the bar. After writing three AMAZING articles, this one had to be off the charts. With my latest article reaching a whole six likes in less than 24 hours, I knew I had to write about something fantastic. For the rest of this article, I am going to talk about my creative process and what helps get my creative juices flowing.

To get the wheels turning, I sit down at my computer and go on to YouTube and play a song to help create a lighter mood, or just to help me focus. The atmosphere of the room also helps me come up with a great article because I am happy and just in good spirits. I came into the class as a sports writer, but have branched out and have written on a wide variety of topics. I still want to do more sports writing because that is what I am very fond of writing about. However, I have started to write a lot about the different seasons as we are getting into the heart of everyone’s favorite holidays.

Some ideas I have for upcoming articles include: Why is it already feeling like Christmas?, a Christmas themed article, and one about the upcoming 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse.

 As I finish my fourth article, I still need help trying to find fun and exciting topics to write about. Leave some suggestions down in the comments below and I will try to create an out of this world article based on your suggestions. Maybe I can write about something crazy like unicorns. This is just an insight into my mind as I come up with my articles, so let me know which one is your favorite, or if you have any ideas.