Elizabeth Jones Art Center

This article was contributed by a member of Journalism Club, who also is in the Central Catholic Art I class. 

IMG_2656Although I have never been particularly artistic I don’t pass up joining my friends on moves— even if they largely involve “artsy” activities. Frequently we meet up and assist one another in photography assignments, art projects, and now gallery touring. Going to Elizabeth Jones Art Center was last minute. An opportunity that was offered during class as extra credit only to be brushed off and forgotten until my friend’s modelling session at Oregon Society of Artists caused the extra concept to resurface. Two friends and I decided to go to the art exhibit due to three factors 1) We were going to pull up downtown 2) Extra credit 3) It was free.


The Art Center is open in every sense— a fish tank full of goldfish at the mouth of a garage like entrance. Further inside, paintings hang on every wall. Immediately I had noticed various shapes and colors swaying above, almost like silent wind chimes or the thing that hangs over cribs. Furthering this thought is a comfy set up beneath the piece. Laying down, my friends and I watched the paper shift minutely, strings spinning, and as a whole a calming thing to watch. After observing this piece my friends and I continued our exploration.

Elizabeth Jones’ current exhibit is a World Without Ice. The theme is prevalent by the soft green hues, rambunctious depictions of sea life, and imagined lore. Some projects were a collaboration between artists, a beginning handed off to another, another, and so on— a method used in my own art classes. Seeing the visions of a group of artists through one piece was interesting. Although professional paintings, many appeared as scribbles. The free stretch of imagination, with the same vibe as a doodle during a lecture nurtured by boredom!

Circling back to the entrance, I glimpse our very own teacher’s artwork. And a sculpture of cracking, melting ice by another artist, is set aside. A polar bear stands on a splitting iceberg drifting through a sea of global warming— literally and figuratively. The dark overwhelming blue surrounds the polar bear gives a sense of helplessness. This depiction revolves around the environment and how it and the species are being negatively affected by global warming, what we all would miss in a World Without Ice.


Although I am not what one would call an art connoisseur, I can still appreciate the expression, technique, and thought that goes into artwork. I really enjoyed the art exhibit because the aesthetic and political message was interesting and relevant. I recommend seeing A World Without Ice before the exhibit is finished.


By Princess Mason