Shadow Talks

(Pictured above is an art piece done by Charlotte)

Charlotte came to visit the Rampart crew on a particularly busy day, full of not only debates on whether or not there was to be a Halloween party, but also frantic editing and rewriting. While she was visiting, Charlotte sat down with me and discussed her art.

Charlotte told me about how she’d been drawing her entire life, but feels as though she’s only become “good at it” within the last year. She says that she decided in the sixth grade that she wanted to improve her art, but it wasn’t until the seventh that she actually buckled down and practiced. She explained that she practiced a ton over the summer, and mostly does portraits. These portraits are usually of people she doesn’t know, faces that she’s invented in her head, but currently she’s drawing a portrait for her friend’s birthday. Upon seeing her art, I was absolutely blown away, and was also impressed about how willing she was to be interviewed, as well as her enthusiasm to share the story behind her art.

The rest of the crew mobbed together for a less cohesive interview. They found out that she prefers Papa Murphy’s to Domino’s (sorry, Mr. Griffith), thinks the egg came before the chicken, and says the word “syrup” like “sur-up” not like “see-rup.” She’s shadowing at St. Mary’s, Jesuit, and La Salle as well as Central. She says that if she could remove one state from the United States, it would be Ohio. She plays volleyball, and hopes to continue that in high school. Charlotte believes water is wet, that deleting countries is mean, and that Central Catholic gives off a busy vibe. She also is a self identified procrastinator.

Keep an eye out for more Shadow Talks as the year progresses.

Thank you to Charlotte for sharing your talent and your story with us.