Encyclical Prayer Stones

John Teply, the director of the Elisabeth Jones Art Center spent the day at Central Catholic on Monday November 5th.  He came to talk about Pope Francis Encyclical on Climate Change and Inequality and to highlight the Pope’s focus on the common good for the January exhibit Encyclical.

So what does this all have to do with a day in art classes at Central Catholic High School? This was the first of many visits Mr. Teply will take into the local community to talk about this particular encyclical and the effect that awareness through art spread the Pope’s message to help create positive change in our environment.

Elisabeth Jones Art Center is relatively new to Portland having a grand opening in July 2018. The center works as a co-lab where a group of artists collaboratively work on themed art pieces of social justice or ecology in nature. The changing themes are also accompanied by submissions from individual artists as well as sculpture, ceramics and installation art.

The center’s January Encyclical exhibit will have a 15-foot dead tree bandaged with the pope’s prayer and 50 candles representing 50 rivers. At the base will be a fountain and hundreds of rocks all representing a prayer.

Three art classes and the Rampart staff participated by creating prayer rocks. The minimum requirement was a desire to put your name on a rock and commit to a single prayer for the earth. Many students enjoyed making the prayer rock a complete art piece. These stones will join the many hundreds collected for the opening in January 2019.

We invite you to participate. There are a few stones ready to be decorated in the B1 art room. Stop in during lunch, color a stone and say a prayer for the earth.

Joanne Kollman