By: Bird Bennett

Sometimes I can’t tell if I have the busiest schedule in the world or does it suck becoming an adult. I’m turning 18 this month and I’m overly stressed out by all the commitments I have going on in this time of my life. I grew up with very little responsibilities. As a kid I just went to school, played sports, and waited till dinner was ready. Now I’m going to school, juggling two jobs, coaching a 8th grade basketball team and pursuing my passion as an independent Hip-Hop artist. A lot of people ask me if I ever have time to sleep, and the answer always is “What’s sleep?” Of course that’s a joke, nobody can function without sleep but that’s how it feels sometimes.

Let me tell you about a normal Monday, mainly because I’m writing this on a Monday and need to remind myself of the rest of my day. It all starts with my extremely loud alarm clock waking me up at 6:25 am. More than 90% of the time I hit snooze and wait until the 6:45 alarm starts to get out of bed. Once I’m awake, I do all the normal things teenagers do in the morning: check instagram, check snapchat, check anything to avoid myself from getting up. Eventually, my feed gets dry because no one really post pictures from 1am to 6am, unless they’re looking to get 0 likes but seriously most posts that are posted late get no love. I suggest to post around 6pm to 7pm on a Monday. It takes me awhile to hit the shower but when I do I’m slapping tunes and turning up. My showers get super lit and I usually come up with some insane lyrics or song ideas. It takes me forever to pick an outfit to wear. It’s almost like watching a sloth run a mile which is an exaggeration because it would take a sloth 12 hours and 34 minutes.

Fast forward to my day at school. Classes start at 8am everyday, which in my opinion is a little early because the only time I can fall asleep at night is from 11:30 pm to 12:30 am. Everybody has gone to school during some point of their life, so I’m not going to get into great detail of how I like it or what classes I take, but if I were to describe one thing about who I am at school, it is that I’m the student that never has paper or a pencil. I feel like just by knowing that it shows exactly who I am. It’s honestly everyday that somebody will loan me a pencil during the beginning of the period, then by the middle I will have to ask for another one because I lost the first one they gave me. It’s very embarrassing, but I have to take notes so it’s just something I deal with everyday.

When the final bell rings, I rush out to my car in order to be at work on time. I work at a Catholic parish school as an aftercare teacher. It’s the best and worst job, it all depends on if the kids are acting crazy or not. My grandma is a 1st grade teacher and everytime I see her I have to ask how she does it all day and why she does it. I watch my 1st graders for only 3 hours a day and almost lose my mind every time. Don’t get me wrong, I really love my job. I’m grateful to be able to have recess and snack time again, plus I win every game at playground bump. I get off work at 6pm then start my drive home to continue the rest of my night.

I walk in the door at 6:15, then go get changed into my basketball stuff, grab a quick bite to eat then drive to basketball practice. I’m an assistant coach for the team I used to play for from 4th grade to 8th grade. It’s a very important thing to me to show up even though every night I question if I have the energy to go, but once I’m there it becomes totally worth it. The kids on the team have so much personality and are always making the best jokes which makes it very fun to coach them. At our last game, the players were slapping my music without me even telling them about it, which made me realize why I’m coaching; not to make money off the streams, but to have an impact on their lives and help them find themselves. I’ve always had a vision since I was young on what my life is going to be like, and I hope to pass down that vision to the kids and help them be passionate and serious about their life goals.

After practice is over, I drive home as fast as I can to get all the remaining energy I have to put in the studio before I crash and pass out from my insane day. The studio I’m talking about is my home music studio, it’s really an amazing spot. I’ve been piecing equipment together for the last 3 years and it has evolved into a semi professional studio where I can create whenever I want to. Music has always been a huge part of my life, and over the last 3 years I’ve been pursuing my career as an independent artist. My sound is described best as relaxed blend of R&B and Hip-Hop. I spend at least 1 hour on my music a day, but usually it can be around 2-4 hours a day, I don’t do that because anyone tells me to do it, I just do it because I love creating music, it relaxes my mind and creates a place for me to tell stories about my life.

Eventually, my mind will reach a point where I can’t think anymore and I have to go to sleep. I’ll go lay in bed for a while just on my phone checking all the things teens do. I spend at least an hour or two just scrolling on different apps doing nothing at all. The worst is getting trapped on youtube, I’ve once watched videos until 4am on a school night and really there’s not much a person can do. It gets super addicting, and it won’t stop until the phone dies or your eyes just close and pass out. On a good night without youtube my feed will dry up around 11:30 and I can plug in my phone and fall asleep. I wake up the next day and repeat.

Now what I’m trying to figure out is if this is an insanely busy schedule ,or does it just suck to get older. I think it’s a little bit of both. But that’s just me.