Brett’s Farewell to the Rampart

goodbye 2As my time with the CC Rampart slowly comes to an end, I wanted to take some time to look back at all the work that I have published and also my thoughts on the semester. Even though my time at the Rampart was short, I gained a lot of knowledge of how to become a better writer and come up with fun articles.goodbye

When the semester started, I did not think that I would have very much fun in this class. After writing my first article about the football team, I thought I was only going to write about sports, but I then wrote about texting and driving. After I wrote this article, I branched off from sports and began writing on a wide variety of topics. I wrote about different holidays, Mickey Mouse, and just an article about nonsense.  I am truly proud of these articles and was glad to have been able to write them for the Rampart. What I really wanted to take away from this class was the knowledge of how to write an article for a newspaper because I want to get into a career in broadcasting, and this class has helped me to be able to put my thoughts and ideas to paper.

goodbye 4

This is not one of my normal articles where I make a lot of jokes or puns, but it is a thank you to everyone in the CC Rampart for letting me a part of their crazy world, to all the readers who have enjoyed my articles. I hope that I have impacted people with my articles and can’t wait to see what the Rampart comes up with next semester.goodbye 3


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