Diversity plays a big role in the school environment, as well as in art. A school’s diversity can define the learning environment very well, allowing the idea that students of every race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. are welcomed and have an opportunity to express themselves safely in the classroom. Diversity in art is shown here at Central Catholic High School, which holds the record for having the highest number of art course options in the state of Oregon. With a plethora of art mediums and themes, from abstract to portrait photography, these Central Catholic artists are motivated to use their skills as a hobby or to pursue an art career option in the future.

In a healthy relationship between two people—whether it be romantic, platonic, or within family—we must be prepared to give and receive unconditional love. Healthy relationships thrive on the ability to trust and respect one another. However, relationships that lack the willingness to reciprocate ethical decisions can become stained. Healthy living is possible when two people in a relationship both equally practice habits that benefit both sides.

Central Catholic seniors have the option to eat outside of school campus, but aside from Babydoll Pizza and other distance-convenient restaurants, where else can we go? I did some research and put together a few lists of some of the most commonly and rarely visited places to eat that are close to the school, along with a short list of places for students who prefer a quick drink or dessert.

Need a break from the chaotic happenings of school? Librarians Nic Netzel and Peggy Kays welcome students to the library, opening at 7 AM every morning and 8 AM on late start days. The library provides an amiable space where students are able to focus on studying, meet their friends for a last minute cram session, or explore the library’s immense catalog of literary resources. To find out more, I talked to Mr. Netzel and asked him about the various amenities offered by the library.