The youth of today hear the message on repeat: take action, take action, take action. Now, as this tumultuous American social climate further interacts with our personal lives, it’s easy to feel as though we are observers of this change rather than active members. Yet we sense the gravity of our action, or lack thereof. We understand that “take action” is a vital outcry, but how do we begin?

This is the new age of self-esteem threats, and they are more backhanded and discreet than ever. We all know the classic tale of society and self-confidence: Glamorous celebrities poisoning young minds, photoshopped billboards, makeup marketed for ten-year olds. Yet now there is a wrinkle to this narrative in the entirely different beast of social media. Challenges to self-confidence aren’t just for the front covers of the magazines or the red carpet anymore––they are in every pocket, on every screen. In many ways, corporations have strived to target the victims of this generation. Recent years have seen a variety of self-love campaigns, from Victoria’s Secret to Dove, all with a similar self-love selling point.