From the homemade press to the slopes, ON3P skis will not disappoint. What started out of a garage in Tacoma as a mission to create better skis for personal use has turned into an 8400 of warehouse producing and distributing skis to over 10 different countries. Yet they are not like the other ski brands. ON3P makes sure every step of the process in building their skis is done all by hand in their Portland, Oregon warehouse. And it isn’t just the skis that are all handmade. Almost all the tools used to build the skis are handmade as well, such as the ski press, heat box, to the tables, etc. Anything that they can build, they will. The press is even made with old fire hoses!

Portland. Gone. But the question is, when? Most people on the West Coast are well aware of the fact that we are due to be hit with a massive earthquake that has the potential to destroy entire cities.Portland and the surrounding areas are especially sussentable. Bridges would be wrecked making it so people couldn’t easily get from one side of the city to the other and old brick buildings would purverize from the shaking.


Christmas is something that unites people of similar beliefs around the world together every year. Though not everyone is Christian, many non-Christians still celebrate Christmas equalling out to an estimated 2.275 billion people celebrating Christmas each year. This is nearly a third of the whole world unifying under a single holiday. If you have ever wondered where your favorite holiday traditions come from, continue reading and learn!