As students returned from Spring Break, they were greeted with an ominous set of double doors at the main entrance; many assumed this was due to the recent school shootings that have occurred across America. However, the plans for the new doors were made a few years ago, and after a donation from Joe Weston – the same donor who funded the Commons – it became possible.

In the past few days, the world of college sports has been shook with news of an FBI report that found emails and phone calls from coaches and agents who made illegal payments to college basketball players to attend specific schools – some of the players were rumored to have received over $100,000 in gifts. These incidents have begun a discussion on whether college athletes should be allowed to receive these benefits. Currently, players are not allowed to receive any money from their college career, despite making billions for the NCAA and their universities.

The CYO basketball season is underway, and Central Catholic is well represented with teams chasing the glory of victory. In the boy’s division, some teams have gotten off to a better start than others, but as senior Liam Anderson explains, this is not a concern to Roberto’s Pizzeria who are currently 0-4: “We have struggled, but through illegal players we have shown great improvement. We will be ready for the playoffs.” On the other end of the standings is the undefeated Urban Achievers; Senior forward, Dillon McNeil, is very confident about his team’s prospects: “I fear no team, we have done a great job bouncing back from our 1-8 season last year. I have been keeping a close eye on Greyson Jouno’s team, but they don’t look like much of a threat.”