The College Search

When looking for colleges, many students choose to focus on specific aspects of schools. For example, some students choose to look at campus size, others look at academic offerings or at sports. Many college counselors will suggest you start looking at colleges junior year, or earlier if possible. It is also recommended that you visit [...]

Relief Efforts in the South

Starting on the thirtieth of August, Hurricane Irma was considered a tropical storm. One day later, it was upgraded to hurricane status. According to CNBC, Irma was the strongest hurricane on record in the Atlantic basin. This hurricane season has been the seventeenth deadliest season since the National Hurricane Center (NHC) has started collecting records [...]

LGBT+World Today

In comparison to the rest of the world, the US is pretty lax when it comes to LGBT+ related laws. Same-sex marriage is legal, name changes are legal, and you’re not going to be (legally) killed for it. More than twenty states have laws against discrimination based on gender identity or sexuality. That said, we [...]