Written By: Owen Retzlaff and Holden Ziels

If you have been paying attention to the news the past 4 months you have probably heard about Bitcoin and its astronomical 1,500% rise to almost 19,000 USD per coin. If you had invested $30 into bitcoin in early 2011, you would have purchased around 120 bitcoins –  if you were to have sold just 3 weeks ago you would of made about $2,339,760. Now that is life-changing money, and if you were like me, you probably wondered: “How do I get in on this?!”. Before you know how to buy it, you have to know what it is..
Bitcoin, the most popular and first major cryptocurrency in the world, was created by an anonymous user(s) under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto started the Blockchain, a ledger that uses cryptography to connect blocks containing a transaction and a timestamp. The ire behind cryptocurrency and the blockchain is due to the unregulated and decentralized character of its economy, unlike the federal reserve which enforces strict government oversight and the printing of fiat currency. The fact that it is unregulated and decentralized has caused some despise from governments and economists stating that because these exchanges are not connected to banks, tax evasion is easier.