Why Are You Drinking a Succulent?

It’s 6:30 on a Wednesday night and senior Henry Kayser has just finished practice with his tennis partner, Max Diess, he’s tired and longs for his thirst to be quenched. He turns and unzips his backpack, out comes a green tinted bottle, it’s the notorious Alō beverage. Kayser, who was introduced to Alō by his [...]

Looking like a Tomato? Tully’s Take on Curing a Spring Break Sunburn

First off, it is important to note that sunburning is not a successful method of tanning and is both physically painful and in regards to your health, extremely dangerous. Although the “golden tan” many beachgoers covet can appear when burnt skin peels away, the effects of this sketchy method can be devastating. The Skin Cancer [...]

I’m Hungry and I Have Six Dollars- Tully’s Take on Low Budget Eating

If there are two things Portland aspires to it’s a rising food scene and an ironically hipster population. The pilot episode to our city’s namesake program, “Portlandia”, clearly demonstrates and hyperbolizes the typical Portland dining experience. Within minutes, Protagonist, Fred Armisen, inquires about the origin of the chicken, scrutinizing the details to the longitudinal and [...]

The Future Tastes Like Top Ramen

The closer the breakout from high school to real life approaches the more daunting it seems. We go from  being expected to ask an adult to relieve yourself while in class, to having the immense responsibility of budgeting your finance above the bare subsistence of three Top Ramen meals a day. The leap into adulthood [...]

Ellis- The Life of a Blind Dog

“His name at the time was Chubby Hubby, as in the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and he was blind,” explains Dillon McNeil with a smile- reminiscing about the first time he saw his beloved yellow lab. Fortunately for the pup, the McNeil family renamed him Ellis, a name they deemed much more fitting for [...]

The Night Before Summer

As your textbooks close and your swimsuits take their first trips to the docks remember all you have accomplished and everything you have pushed through. Central Catholic look what you’ve done! The Night Before Summer The journey started when last years finals ended. We gave back from the classrooms whatever Ms.Toll lended. We saw each [...]

Senior Confessions

*Disclaimer: Do not take these as fact, they have not been proven, they’re just for fun* Friendship- How Sweet... “I am in love with my bestfriend” -Anonymous “I actually really like everyone.” -Jordan Johnson “I was never friends with Taylor Goretta.” -Isabella Fazio Woah What?! “My real name is Calvin.” -Calvin (DeAndre) Smith Jr. “I’ve [...]

Senior Wills

Look what the Class of 2017 willing away to the juniors and underclassmen! “I, Eilise Shannon, will Megan Shannon my three robes” “I, Adolfo Rivera, will Henry Vason the biggest hypebeast and sneakerhead title.” “I, Maddie Bruins, will Ava the car.” “I, Molly Eby, will Megan Potter being on time to 0 period, Jada Pierce [...]

In the Desks with Generation Z

Theology teacher Ms. Dedonato (Central Catholic class of 2000) compares her high school experience with those of her current students and gives insight on how technology has a conflicting role in  Generation Z’s lives. In 2000, Sarah  graduated from Central Catholic. Sixteen years later Ms. DeDonato returned to Stark Street as a theology teacher. Born in [...]

The ACLU Ribbon

Celebrity “get togethers” have often been fueled as much by political activism lately as champagne. The 89th Academy awards were no exception with the American Civil Liberties Union making an appearance. The Oscars are a night of glamour and fantasy; a night for all people to feel as if they are walking on a freshly [...]