2018 NBA Draft Busts and Stars

Busts Jaren Jackson Jr.: Memphis Grizzlies (4th Overall Pick) The Memphis Grizzlies had a poor season last year, finishing 14th in the Western Conference with a 22-60 record. Due to this lack of success, top prospects refused to meet with the team leading up to the draft, causing the Grizzlies to pick Jaren Jackson Jr., [...]

What in God’s Green Earth Are These Doors?

As students returned from Spring Break, they were greeted with an ominous set of double doors at the main entrance; many assumed this was due to the recent school shootings that have occurred across America. However, the plans for the new doors were made a few years ago, and after a donation from Joe Weston [...]


Biggest Hip Hop Albums of 2017

I asked three seniors about the hip hop albums that dropped in 2017. They told me their favorite and least favorite songs from the top albums. The Panel Senior Isaac Amaral Artharee AKA ‘Ike Boog' Fun Fact: On average,  gets curved by 3 girls a day. Senior Amaha Million AKA ‘Millzz’ Fun Fact: Drives with [...]

Animal Crossing Crosses The Line

Nintendo fans, Animal Crossing has made a comeback. This fall, on November 22, 2017, Nintendo released Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, a game that branches from the original life simulation game series that allows players to complete tasks for animal characters, make business, and build campsites. Pocket Camp draws players in, as it is free to [...]

A Cleaner Central Catholic: An Interview with Marvin Hill

Every day students come to Central Catholic to an especially clean environment. Have you ever wondered how the school is always so clean every morning? Our great janitorial staff are the ones putting in work behind the scenes to make sure our school is always looking neat and clean day after day. Marvin is a [...]

Dear Daphne

Daphne answers your questions in this issue of Dear Daphne! “Dear Daphne, How the heck do I get through 2nd semester Please help, SOS Sincerely, Senioritis Sally”   Hello Sally, Let me start by saying, you are not alone, everyone experiences some degree of “senioritis.” The key is to embrace it but not let it [...]