Need a break from the chaotic happenings of school? Librarians Nic Netzel and Peggy Kays welcome students to the library, opening at 7 AM every morning and 8 AM on late start days. The library provides an amiable space where students are able to focus on studying, meet their friends for a last minute cram session, or explore the library’s immense catalog of literary resources. To find out more, I talked to Mr. Netzel and asked him about the various amenities offered by the library.

“His name at the time was Chubby Hubby, as in the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and he was blind,” explains Dillon McNeil with a smile- reminiscing about the first time he saw his beloved yellow lab. Fortunately for the pup, the McNeil family renamed him Ellis, a name they deemed much more fitting for the friendly canine. When the five year old mutt moseyed into Dillon’s life by way of the Milwaukie dog shelter “Family Dogs New Life,” there was no way of knowing what a cool and loving presence Ellis was going to for years to come.  


House Bill 3391 is known in some circles as the abortion bill, but is more commonly called the Reproductive Health Equity Act. It was introduced in summer of 2017 in the 79th Oregon Legislative Assembly. It passed through the House with a vote of 33-23, with no Republican votes. It was signed into law after passing through the Senate on August 15th. The Reproductive Health Equity Act offers a wide range of reproductive health care opportunities to people who may not otherwise be capable of affording it.